Twisted Metal Black
Included in set:
Mr. Grimm, Sweet Tooth

Well, it was bound to happen - Sony's Twisted Metal Black is getting a line (if you can call two figures a line) of figures based on the disturbed characters that star in the game. Intoyz has secured the license for the characters. For those familiar with collectibles, Intoys may seem like a new name, but the company seems to have found a niche in historical military figures and assortments.

The first two figures are Mr. Grimm and Sweet Tooth. Both figures are six inches in scale with seven points of articulation. Considering the scale of the figures, they are extremely well detailed and look like dead ringers for the videogame characters. In fact, both figures are more detailed than many figures lines that are much larger in size. Intoyz got the opportunity to work with the game developers to make the figures look as close to the concepts they had when they created the game.

Hopefully, the first two figures will do well so that other characters can get a shot at their own renditions. Even better would be a line of vehicles (too scale even) to go along with the figures (hint, hint). While this is obviously a collector's series, you could feasibly pop these out of the package to play or pose, but considering the subject matter of the game, I doubt most parents would even want their kids to own these. Fans of the game series should be pleased with the quality. Hopefully, this will lead to more toys of this type from Intoyz.

- - Vane

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