Tortured Souls
McFarlane Toys
Included in set:
The Fix, Venal Anatomica, Mongroid, Lucidique, Agonistes, Scythe Meister (pictured above)

Okay, we should have seen this one coming a mile away. After McFarlane penned the deal with H.R. Giger, and with his line of figures from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, we should have figured that the dark images from Clive Barker's mind would not be far along. Looking at this line of six figures, whose names won't mean much other than as a way to label one beast from the other, can make you wonder where Barker gets this stuff from. I don't know which is more scary, the fact that someone thought this up, or that McFarlane's sculptors were able to capture it so well.

Each of the demented figure is extremely well-scultped and, like many of the other lines, is meant just for show. Along with each figure is a part of a special novelle written by Barker in which to get the whole story, one must purchase the whole line. Those who are familiar with Hellraiser should at least have an idea of what they're getting into.

When I look at this line, I can appreciate the intensity and horrific style undertaken, but I can just see the day where I go into my local game or toy store and a strict parent will be lecturing the salesperson on "how depraved they are for selling this kind of devil-worshipping material". Of course, in my mind, I can only say "Lady, get over it. Hasn't anyone told you yet... Figures aren't for kids anymore."

Visit the special site at for more information, pictures, wallpapers and assorted details on what could prove to be the most adult figure series to come out to date. Also, look around for the section with instructions on how to assemble each of the beasts straight out of the blister pack.

- - Vane

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