Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve
Directed By:
Tim Story

Unlike Ice Cube's last two lackluster films (All About the Benjamins, and Next Friday), this new comedy is all about delivering smart humor. Does it make the delivery? I think so...

The Plot: The film centers around the main character, Calvin (Ice Cube) - a struggling entrepreneur who is trying to get his recording studio off the ground. He also owns the family barber shop where folk of the neighborhood can come for a little conversation. Whether they are talking about, ahem, a women's waist size, or good food, it's always pleasing to overhear. A short-on-cash Calvin decides to sell his estate to a crooked town car dealer. Was his decision just, or unjust? I don't want to spoil it for you.

The Good: This movie succeeds where almost every comedy this year has come up short on - laughs. The main meat of this movie is the bantering of local town people talking about heated political issues. On of my personal favorite scenes is when the seasoned barber, Eddie, makes a speech that most of the others in the shop cry foul about. In the speech he targets some of the big issues in the black community, including Rosa Parks, and O.J. Simpson. Unlike Ice Cube's Friday series, this film does not keep it stride with idiotic marijuana usage and repeated use of foul language, and I love it for that. Unlike most "Ethnic Movies" where the picture is made to appeal to the specific ethnic community, this film appeals to almost everyone looking for a smart, yet witty film.

The Bad: Although this film is very enjoyable, it does have its fair share of bad pieces. First of all, another part of the story centers around two knuckle heads trying to crack open a stolen ATM machine. These sequences aren't near as funny as the barber shop ranting, and they are also way too frequent. Eve's performance as Terri, a woman who has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend, wasn't too exciting either. Minor things, but they don't really hurt the overall movie. If there is a sequel to this already entertaining movie, I hope they clean up these blemishes and add more barber shop scenes. Then it would be perfect.

If you find yourself at your local theater searching for a good movie. Definitely keep this movie in mind. It's worth your 6 bucks and then some. Check it out!

- - Grandlethal

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