Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Emily Watson
Directed By:
Kurt Wimmer

I really tried to write this review without ever mentioning the word "Matrix", but I have to in order to make a point. There is a difference between sci-fi movies that depict accurate predictions of what our future may turn out to be and sci-fi movies that take place in a world completely fabricated in the mind of its creator. The Matrix is a great movie, but what sets Equilibrium apart is its ability to show us a future that may come to pass if we continue following the path we are on.

Post World War 3 in the country of Libria, human emotion is outlawed. The Grammaton Cleric seeks out and eliminates sense offenders and those who refuse to take there daily dose of Prozim. In Libria there is no emotion, there is no art, no color, no music, nothing that could awaken the anger and hate that causes war and suffering.

It almost seems cliché to say that this movie, like many others, suffers from a low budget, but that is exactly what it is. Although I applaud the casting director. With such a low budget Equilibrium has excellent B-list actors. Lead actor Christian Bale, who plays John Preston, does a superb job of playing an emotionless cleric. If you didn't know better you would think he actually was taking Prozim and he doesn't stop there. His whole transformation as a character is handled beautifully. I wouldn't have asked for a better lead.

Where the low budget symptoms really stand out is in the action sequences. They are simply not enough of them and when they do happen they are pretty short. Fight scenes revolve around Gun Kata. It's something I can't really describe to you in words it's just something you will have to see for yourself. Just imagine martial arts, but with guns. It's a great concept I just wish I could have seen more of it with some better choreography.

My other complaint is the film's length. For everything that happens in the movie it should have been longer. I got the same feeling when I saw Matrix Revolutions. It was like huge chunks of the movie were taken out. I don't mind a short movie, but if your going to film a movie about a single man overthrowing an entire government you need to spend a lot of time doing it. An hour and a half just won't cut it.

- - Grand Admiral

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