David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, Julianne Moore
Directed By:
Ivan Reitman

Evolution can easily be described as an update of the Ghostbusters formula, with ghosts swapped out for aliens. But instead of taking the easy copycat path, director Ivan Reitman has tried to give more development in the story on how the aliens have come to Earth. When a meteor crash lands in Arizona, local college professors Duchovny and Jones go out to do a survey of the rock. After some testing, they discover alien life forms on the boulder. When the single-celled organisms evolve at an unheard-of rate, the two professors return to examine the meteor more.

Before too long, the military takes over the site and kicks Duchovny and Jones off the discovery while bringing in their own team to watch as the alien life forms evolve out of control. The bad blood between Duchovny and the military reveals a past that he's not too proud of. It isn't too long before the aliens become a menace to the populace, leaving the professors and a young would-be fireman to try and save the day.

While the comedy takes a little while to get moving, it does manage to deliver some funny moments. Both Jones and Scott are drop-dead funny, even if their characters are fairly stereotypical. While Duchovny doesn't have the same comedic delivery of a Bill Murray, he does provide a good foil to the rest of the cast and his cat-and-mouse affair with Moore's character is good enough to give the story some heft.

What keeps this film from falling into the second-rate comedy ranks is the care in which it's filmed. Ivan Reitman has a quality in his direction and filmmaking that help gives the story a level of warmth and character that exceeds any stiff or weak performance. Throw in some well executed special effects and a script that delivers enough laughs and most anyone should enjoy this.

Evolution may not be the greatest comedy filmed and comes a obvious second to the likes of Ghostbusters, but it still provides a good show. If you don't mind the occasional fart, butt and groin jokes, you should enjoy this feel-good flick.

- - Vane

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