Fight Club
Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter
Directed By:
David Fincher

Edward Norton is a common man who works a go nowhere job and suffers insomnia. To cure his insomnia, he becomes addicted to help groups (which he should have no part of), where he can let out his pent-up emotions. On a plane trip, he finds himself seated next to Brad Pitt, who a soap salesman with a no-nonsense attitude. After Norton returns home to find his apartment destroyed, he moves in with Pitt. They pal around for sometime until one night, the question is raised: "What do you really know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" After which, they duke it out. Slowly but surely, they begin to fight regularly in the bar parking lot, gathering more and more people who want to answer the same question. Thus, Fight Club is born.

Fight Club is a dark comedy in the purest sense of the form. Building from Norton's dry cynical view of the world around him, the movie begins to become an uncontrollable beast as the Fight Club grows into a cult of men who just want to duke it out to prove something to themselves. Or even worse, when a smaller clique within the group moves in with Norton and Pitt to start Project: Mayhem, an even more intense subversive anarchy organization.

This movie is intense. From the start, it rolls on, gathering steam every minute it's rolling. There are no lulls in the movie. Taking a full-hearted stab at lampooning the idea of machismo and men's clubs, Fight Club itself should be taken with the same grain of salt as any good dark comedy. Warning: Some of the fights are intense and brutal, such that some people might flinch away. If you have a weak stomach, this might not be for you.

Brad Pitt is wonderful as the odd Tyler, a man who's out there, but still manages to make a lot of sense. His character is similar to the one he played in Twelve Monkeys, but a lot less rich and a whole lot more focused. Norton is also spectacular as the dry, cynical insomniac who slowly becomes overwhelmed by the Fight Club and Pitt's growing penchant for whole sale anarchy.

Fight Club will make you laugh, but will also leave your heart pumping and your muscles tight. I think for anyone who enjoys a good dark comedy, Fight Club is right up your alley. If dark comedies are lost on you, then you'll not like this movie in the least.

- - Vane

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