Johnny Knoxville
Directed By:
Jeff Tremaine

An opera themed music plays in the background. You then see the cast's names come by. You read the names Bam Margera, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Steve - O, Preston Lacy, Wee Man, Cris Pontius, then finally you here those eight famous words; "Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to JACKASS!" As they soon come to a stop and get hurt pretty bad (see the movie if you want to know how they got hurt).

The movie has no direct plot. Just 1-5 minute skits, from artists doing funny-ass stunts meant to hurt other people or themselves. That's one thing I love about this movie. It sticks to the same stuff you would normally see on the show except that it has a more adult theme to it. The movie is very well done and very hilarious. The movie takes place in many locations of the world. It takes place in Japan, Florida, and even some parts in New York. The stunts performed on this movie are also well done and should not be committed by armatures such as me - trust me on this since my friends and I tried them and got hurt pretty bad.

The movie also features famous cameos such as the vert king (in my opinion) Tony Hawk and the old but still cool Matt Hoffman. Other cameos from CKY related people also appear such as RAAB Himself and many more. Like the regulars at Jackass, these people also do hilarious stunts such as RAAB himself doing the wedgie bungee of death or something like that and Mister Matt Hoffman and Tony Hawk doing a little skit with Bam Margera called "Sweaty Fat F***s", which is very funny.

The movie is very sick and demented. It will make you vomit and laugh at the same time. You will see tons of people throwing up, doing the "Wassabi Snooter", and eating disgusting snow balls made up of something incredibly gross (watch it to find out).

If there is one thing I hate about the movie is the length. When you see "The End", it will just leave you high and dry because you want to see more of those jackasses hurt themselves on purpose just so we can have a good laugh. The 80 minutes of pure laughter will make you asking for more. Why you ask? I've seen this movie six times in two days that's why.

This movie has over thrown Dumb and Dumber as the movie king of comedy! It is wickedly sensational to watch and you'll never get bored watching it. In every minute while watching the movie, I have laughed my head off. Take it from me as a big fan of comedies; this movie will win your heart. It is also sad, that as a big fan of the series, I'm afraid to say that this movie is a cult classic. Non-fans will purposely ridicule the movie for its stupidity. But I know deep down them that they know it's funny as hell. For God's sakes, my cheeks were hurting from the amount of laughter I was giving off. That's how funny the movie is.

- - Earl Ferrer

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