Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Adam Brody, Vince Vaughn
Directed By:
Doug Liman

With all the media circus surrounding Brad and Angelina's "chemistry", which supposedly aided in breaking up Brad's marriage, one might forget that the two actors actually have a movie together. After seeing Mr. & Mrs. Smith, any conscious viewer would surmise that all the talk is nothing more than marketing spin to get people to watch the movie. The story is pretty simple - John and Jane Smith are an unhappy couple. Both supposedly work their high-powered jobs, come home and pretend to be a happy couple as they grow more and more distant. Marriage counseling doesn't seem to even help. Behind this façade, though, both are actually top secret operatives working for competing agencies. When both are sent to the same target, they soon come in conflict with each other and eventually become a target by both organizations.

As by-the-numbers scripts go, Mr. & Mrs. Smith gives viewers what they expect. We get treated to a lengthy fight sequence, a few changes of heart and the obvious story trail that brings the splintered marriage back together and then pits them against a ton of lackeys that obviously need killing. There's the lengthy car-chase sequence and all sorts of action that makes Brad and Angelina out to be total badasses. Even with all the standard action sequences thrown in, some of the conversations are pretty funny and really help to offset the hackneyed story.

Performance-wise, the cast is pretty solid, offering up the standard fare expected from each member. Jolie is sexy and sassy while Brad is charming without stretching his acting muscles. Vince Vaughn plays well as the unhinged contact for Brad and Adam Brody (of O.C. fame) pretty much plays the Seth role in this movie. Don't expect too much spectacular acting as almost everyone plays themselves. After watching the film, I have to wonder why some people were even brought in as their roles could have been filled in by no names. Both Brody and Keith David could have been replaced by non-speaking roles.

Jennifer Aniston shouldn't have been bothered with the so-called "relationship" between Brad and Angelina. By watching this movie, one can tell that there's next to no chemistry between the two of them. Both are too busy doing their own shtick to spend any time making their on-screen relationship seem real.

While the main plot isn't all that spectacular and the performances fail to be inspiring (especially from an Oscar winner and the man who played Tyler Durden), I will say that the movie does well to shoot the action and characters with a good eye. Except for some excessively shaky camera work at times, the action looks good and will keep you watching despite some over-the-top bits.

If you want a no-brainer action flick to entertain you, then Mr. & Mrs. Smith will fit the bill. It doesn't do much with all the talent it has to offer, but the action is likely to fill an afternoon or evening for you if you don't expect much.

- - Kinderfeld

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