The Mummy Returns
Brendan Frasier, Rachel Weisz, The Rock, etc.
Directed By:
Stephen Sommers

The Mummy Returns is the sequel to the Mummy in which Rick O'Connell (Brendan Frazier) must stop the evil Mummy from regaining its power and taking over the world. In the sequel, it's ten years later and Frazier and Weisz are married and have a son. After finding an ancient bracelet, they find themselves entangled in a plot to resurrect Imhotep, the mummy they defeated years ago. After their son places the bracelet on his arm, he is kidnapped, forcing Frazier and company to pursue in hopes of saving both their son and the world.

The Mummy Returns is pure action from beginning to end. With relationships and connections already settled in the first movie, there's nothing to slow the pace of the film down as it roars through the story, linking each action sequence to the following. There are some excellent fight scenes in this movie.

What's really noticeable in this film is the higher production values. Apparently, since the last movie did so well, more money was spent to make the special effects look better. This higher production makes a cleaner, more well-polished film that explodes onto the screen. While not as funny as the first, the film still manages to take a humorous approach to the predictability of plot lines in action flicks like this one. Comments on how "an evil will rise and take over the world" are weaved into the script with a jaded humor which keeps the premise from seeming cheesy.

Even though The Mummy Returns expects that the viewer has seen the first movie, it still presents itself well as a solid, fun action flick. Any lover of high-speed action movies will want to see this well-crafted movie. If you want intense character development, then this movie might not be for you. The Mummy Returns is an excellent action flick that lets the viewer forget what's going on out in the real world.

- - Vane

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