The Others
Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston
Directed By:
Alejandro Amenábar

It's unfortunate that Hollywood has managed to focus so much on serialized horror schlock that's neither scary, original, well-acted or even well-filmed over the past twenty to thirty years. It's so rare to see a good ghost story, that when one does come out, you often owe it to yourself to see it. Such is the case with The Others, which instantly places itself in a rare class with the likes of The Haunting and The Changeling.

Nicole Kidman plays Grace, a deeply religious and highly protective woman, who watches over her children, stricten with a light-sensitive disease, in their fog-enshrouded English home. When three strangers turn up to fill positions in the home, a series of events start to unfold that deteriorate their quiet conservative life into the odd mystery that surrounds the home.

While I've never been a fan of Kidman's works, in this film, she's magnificent. In fact, the whole cast is spectacular. Kidman is excellently convincing as the strict mother whose world slowly falls apart as the haunting of the mansion grows and she's forced to realize what is going on. The script and photography are excellently shaped. The film has a slow pace, but to successfully tell a story like this, rushing through would only serve to lessen the impact and ruin the build-up.

The Others brings across a wonderfully crafter ambiance and pace that makes the experience well worth the time. There are so few good ghost stories on film, but when one does come along, like The Others, you should make the time to watch it. Unless you're looking for dead bodies and a quick fix, check The Others out. You won't be disappointed.

- - Kinderfeld

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