Pride and Prejudice Special Edition DVD Boxed Set
Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle
Directed By :
Simon Langton

While I can never say I've been big on classical romance in literature, this BBC and A&E mini series seemed to really catch me off guard when I first saw it. Well told and performed, it was only available for viewing on occasion on A&E or in the cumbersome 6 tape VHS set. With this new DVD set, people who enjoyed the series are given a version worth owning.

The story is your usual Jane Austen fare (in as much as I know Austen): Elizabeth Bennet is one of five unmarried daughters in a less than wealthy family. In 19th Century England, marriage was primarily determined on finding someone of wealth and making certain beneficiar arrangements. When her sister Jane catches the eye of a rich bachelor, Elizabeth meets the bachelor's friend, Mr. Darcy, who she finds prideful and disagreeable. Against her better wishes, she grows closer to the enigmatic Darcy.

The acting is consistently high-quality. No one in the cast delivers a weak performance and both Colin Firth and Jennifer Elhe become their respective characters. Fans of BBC productions will immediately recognize a huge number of the cast members. The sets and costuming are excellently done. In fact, there really isn't a single aspect of this series that doesn't excell.

This new DVD set is well worth the money, especially for those tired of the 6 VHS boxed set. Broken up into two DVDs, the six episodes are linked seemlessly without the hassel of bothering with the intro and credits for each episode (or at least on each disc). The set is presented in Widescreen format and includes a "The Making of Pride and Prejudice" featurette.

For those who enjoy well acted stories of character will need to watch this series. People looking for casual action or slutty lust need not apply. While not 100% true to the original tale, this production does an excellent job at capturing the feel of Jane Austen's novel.

- - Kinderfeld

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