Resident Evil
Milla Jovovich
Directed By:
Paul Anderson
Grade C-

Based on the popular videogame series, Resident Evil begins as a virus outbreak causes a secret laboratory to be locked down by the computer system. Hours later, operatives of the same corporation turn up to find out what has happened. They run into Milla, who appears to have grown a temporary case of amnesia (possibly from having read the script). Once inside the complex, they run into leagues of zombies, undead dogs and a biotech monster known as a Licker. Fans of the game series will immediately know the basics of the story.

Resident Evil provides an experience similar to the game series: paper-thin plot, lots of gore, and lots of cheap shocks. If you go into this movie wanting character depth, then you should re-think your movie going choices, because films like this are all about action and monsters. Unfortunately, though, there doesn't seem to be enough action. Except for a few sequences of gun battles, a good part of the movie is spent moving from location to location and attempting to flesh out the story. With a little less talking and a lot more fighting, this movie might have been better.

Resident Evil does manage some nice sets and the soundtrack is a nice amalgam of industrial and techno. Special Effects really aren't that special. There are times where the zombies look really horrifying, but for the most part, they look like rejects from Michael Jackson's Thriller video. And the only real menacing monster, the Licker, gets only a few minutes on the screen.

The only people who should even consider going to this film are videogame fans. Fans of Romero's zombie movies, from which the original videogame was influenced by, will probably want to pass on this, as the horror and terror looses it's edge after about the third or fourth scare. By thirty minutes in, you'll be able to predict most scares and even some of the lines delivered. While not a bad videogame-based movie, it can't be considered for much more.

- - Vane

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