Stir of Echoes
Kevin Bacon
Directed By:
David Koepp

Stir of Echoes is a story of a regular joe from New York (Kevin Bacon) who, during a block party, goads his sister-in-law (Illyana Douglas) into trying to hypnotize him. She does so, but in the process, opens something in his mind that lets him hear and see the dead. From that point, the spirit of a dead girl residing in his house begins to haunt him, trying to communicate something to him. Kevin Bacon is superb in this movie as he slowly begins to lose his sanity as the spirit keeps driving him further, trying to discover her secret.

Originally advertised as a shocker flick, Stir of Echoes really just comes across as a suspense movie with supernatural overtones. There are some intense scenes when Bacon has his visions, but don't expect this film to be like some of the common hacker-horror flicks. Having not actually read the original book, I don't know how true the movie sticks to Matheson's tale (What Dreams May Come took some major liberties with his book of the same title).

Come into this movie with an open mind. This is a quality, entertaining movie that's well worth your time.

- - Kinderfeld

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