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Alkaline Trio comes out with in all likelihood the album that busts them onto the MTV scene. Which is unusual to expect from a band as themselves. Their music is fairly popish and upbeat, but the twist is they have some of the darkest lyrics for a new MTV band. This is not some band along the lines of Good Charlotte, singing about girls and what not. Death and depression are common topics with the Trio on all their albums. For instance look at the title of the album, Good Mourning. That shows the cleverness of them, which is why I am such a big fan of theirs in the first place. Alkaline Trio's Good Mourning is their second release on the Vagrant label. And while it does not meet the standards they set with their album God-Damnit, this is still a damn good album.

The Alkaline Trio has some wonderful lyrics. They can be dark and depressive yet still be amazingly catchy. Case in point would be the first song, This Could Be Love. Here is the chorus:

Step one, slit my throat
Step two play in my blood
Step three, cover me in dirty sheets and run laughing
Out of the house
Step four, stop at edgebrook creek and rinse your crimson hands

You took me hostage and made your demands
I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers
One by one
One by one

If you listen to it you will find yourself singing along with it. Now onto one of my favorite songs on Good Mourning, We've Had Enough. This was their single and got a good amount of play on MTV and Fuse. This is probably the most powerful song on the CD. This is a favorite for many people. But in my honest opinion, the best track on this CD would have to be All On Black. It's very melodic in the beginning, with singer Matt Skiba putting a lot of emotion into his singing. Then it starts to pick up a bit more. I just really love the lyrics in this song, very clever.

Overall, this is a CD that fans of the Alkaline Trio would love. It would not disappoint them too much. Matt Skiba was primarily the main vocalist on this album, and the only complaint I can find with this album is his vocals. At the time of recording I am pretty sure I heard he was sick, but since they were on a schedule he had to go through recording. Don't get me wrong, he sounds pretty good, but you can hear how his voice sounds raspy. And the final song, Blue In the Face, which is the only acoustic song, could be much better if Skiba had a healthy voice. But these are minor complaints, for an overall solid pop punk album. Fans will love it, and newcomers to punk music will also find enjoyment in this CD.

- - missionhockey

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