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Much like Bass Lo-Ryders' Nyte Ryders, Tuner Heat serves as a "Best Of" for Bass Freq. As I was less impressed with Kool Hertz than other offerings in the genre, I actually wondered if this collection would be a more solid-packed representation of what Bass Freq was all about.

Bass Freq is part of the Electro Bass genre, where music is composed electronically and features deep-tone bass with a bit of electronic tones, synthesized instruments and looped beats compiled to create an overall groovy, stylistic series of tracks. Bass Freq is far more modern in it's approach, featuring less jazz influence and far more modern techno and house/dance beats in its repertoire. It's not uncommon for tracks to drop a deep bass tone and then roll through a upbeat tempo.

Having heard Kool Hertz already, a number of the tracks were already familiar to me. The title track, Kool Hertz , Gig-A-Low Crunk , Chillah B , Bump Chek , Neon Knights , Droppin Hood and Smooth Roller all came from that 2004 release. These are all pretty good tracks that show a good range from that release and integrate well into the other tracks.

The rest of the tracks come from 2005's Neon Skyline. The opening track, Rok Dat Bass , is crisp with a groovy beat that does a nice job at establishing a mood. Big System opens with an awesome drum beat that flows into a steady tempo-driven piece. Kool Whip is more of a reserved piece with a fine bit of high-end basswork, toying with a more funk-influenced mood.

Ryde Shaker feel pretty much like a genre mainstay, doing all the things right for Electro Bass genre without standing out too much. Lollapop Drop is a laid back effort that pumps some deep tones while making it all feel effortless. Crunkwerk is crisp with a steady, rolling beat, far more high toned than other tracks. Bounce 2 Dis throws in some swift change-ups to make the tempo and mood feel unique.

I will say that making this a "Best Of" composed from two very recent albums really doesn't do Bass Freq justice. Because of that, the tracks don't show a larger range of style and feel more like a fusion of the two albums. If you haven't heard anything from Bass Freq before, than this is a good way to get your head into the better pieces from the past two albums, but I would have liked to hear older works for the sake of historical perspective.

For more information, check out the record label's website.

- - Vane

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