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Of the three albums that came our way from Neurodisc recently, I will have to say that Bass Hit's Pressurized intrigued me the most as I didn't have prior experience with the act's musical machinations. Falling in the same genre (Electro Bass) as Bass Freq and Bass Lo-Ryders, I had an idea of what to expect, but the full offering would prove to be completely new and full of surprises.

Bass Hit certainly loves its high-speed breakbeat roots. beats come fast and furious, with a lot of deep tones and crisp sampled beats. To make this quite clear, the album opens with Breakbeat Science , an intense fast-paced track that throws tons of bass and looped beats at the listener. Get on the Floor balances some rolling deep synthesized tones with high pitched keyboards, leaving an interesting balance that keeps the listener entertained. Raise the Bass follows with a nice beat and a certain graininess that sets it apart from previous tracks. This falls away to a more "spacey" techno feel that still works nicely with the awesome beat.

M25 Motorway feels rather appropriate in mood as it feels like any techno track present in a number of racing videogames (like Gran Turismo or Ridge Racer). The bass and drums of Hit the Breaks actually put a smile on my face when I first heard it. It's swift, catchy and just plain fun to listen to. Techno Bass '95 does a nice job of having a throwback feel to it's sound.

The second half of the album roars to life with Speed of Sound , an almost pungent blast at the listener that shows off different tones than previously revealed. Trax on Wax follows this with another awesome drum beat that's accented with some high-end keyboard sounds. Sixty-Four certainly plays at videogame roots with the 8-bit audio effects tossed in as seasoning to the laid-back mood of the song.

The longest track on the album, India Bass , is a more subdued effort and shows that Bass Hit can really shift their style and influence up when need be. Spindizzy is heavy on house beat influence and does a nice job with the deep tone beats. The final track, The Gospel of Bass , end the album well with familiar beats and bass tones. It serves well to wrap up this fine offering.

As said previously, there is a certain racing videogame mood to this music that just feels right in terms of style. When I listen to this album I certainly feel like I should be racing in a customized car. In terms of pure excitement, Pressurized is a blast to listen to. It's unrelenting and pushes forward without any apologies. If you are interested in this genre, this album is certainly worth a listen to.

For more information, check out the record label's website.

- - Vane

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