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Catch 22's latest release Dinosaur Sounds, is a disappointment to say the least. Certain points through out the album you'll think its great and then there are the other points, forgettable. I mean after being spoiled by so many other fine ska releases this year by bands like The Slackers, Suicide Machines and Streetlight Manifesto, this release just doesn't stand out. There are a few worthwhile songs on the album that will give you a glimmer of hope it could turn out to be as good as their Keasby Nights release, but sadly it never does.

I think Catch 22 just tried to combine way too many elements of musical genres and to be frank the CD just doesn't flow, at all. I mean there are ska, punk, funk, reggae, jazz etc. Also the constant changing of singers for every release I really think hurts them in progressing onto something even better than Keasby Nights. New singer Ryan Eldred did an awful job on vocals, almost all the songs lack energy. And for Catch 22, you expect lively and energetic music. Many songs are very bland and his vocals don't do anything to liven them up as previously mentioned.

Honestly, there are really only a few songs I enjoyed on the entire album, at most. The enjoyment usually was brief though usually, because by the end of the song I would be annoyed. Which really describes how I feel about this album overall, and I really wanted to enjoy it. I kept sitting there with cd player in hand just expecting to hear some tremendous ska like what I heard from Streetlight Manifesto, but it never came. Not to mention the lyrics are just sometimes utterly stupid, they just don't make sense sometimes. One of my favorite things about Keasby Nights was the powerful lyrics, this album lacks that option totally. The best song on the entire album is the hidden track if you will; it's untitled and there are no vocals or silly lyrics. The horns were energetic and it made me long for the days of early Catch 22. Yes folks, that's how low they have sunk, their instrumental track was the most enjoyable on the entire album for me.

I would love to be able to recommend this album for ska fans, but I can't. Even for diehard Catch 22 fans, it just simply is that bad. Sure it's not the worst album ever released but its disappointing to say the least. If you buy this album expecting to hear something related to older Catch 22 or Streetlight Manifesto like I did myself, you'll be trying to return this disc after a listen or two. There are about two or three average songs, and the rest are pretty putrid I am afraid to say. They tried on the album so that's why I will give Dinosaur Sounds a D.

- - missionhockey

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