Clawfinger Clawfinger
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Clawfinger is a refreshing breeze in the "aggro" genre. Hailing from the Norse regions of Europe, Clawfinger writes about social issues like bigotry and religion, not choosing to focus on their own personal problems and hang-ups. With a positive sound and good movement to their music, the listener isn't swamped with dirty sound. Production on this album is sharp and clean.

Except for the vocalist, there really is little hip-hop influence in this album. But, that doesn't mean that the album isn't lacking in variety. Each song is sonically different from the next.

Stand-out tracks include I'm Your Life and Religion, Two Sides and Don't Wake Me Up. If you purchase this album, expect a great sounding album with excellent musical range. If you're expecting a Korn or Limp Bizkit clone, you might be disappointed (or genuinely impressed, depending on your tastes).

- - Vane

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