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Equations of Eternity is a group effort by three men who have made a name for themselves in the electronic/ambient/techno genre: Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Laswell and Mick Harris (Scorn, Quoit). With three such musical powerhouses on one project, one might wonder if this album will either have too many great thoughts thrown in, thereby overloading the album, or whether they'll gel as one cohesive unit, creating something special. Fortunately, in this case it is the latter.

Vevè is a testament to the genre - constructed with electronic beats and layers of sounds, the album also features Laswell's infectiously groovy bass work and some oddly constructed yet excellently played guitar work from Bernocchi. The casual pace of the album, along with the nicely paced beats and grooves creates an album that is fairly fun to listen to. If you want a break from the darker side of the genre, this is definitely the place to go.

The opening track, Baron Samedi, while fairly straightforward, gives the listener a great indication of what they're getting into. The bass lines are dark but clear and the added sounds give a depth to the track. The string arrangement in the later half of the song adds a creepy quality to it. Set Rising has a great beat and is one of the stronger tracks, but like Baron Samedi, seems more "normal" than the rest of the album. Aether starts will an odd bass pulsing that makes sense once the beat kicks in. Maka begins with a freestyle bassline that develops into the song slowly. Most of the rest of the tracks carry an oddness to them that makes them enjoyable to listen as a whole while at the same time stand out on their own.

Vevè is an excellent culmination of the three songwriter's work and separate musical styles. While you can tell a lot of focus was spent on Laswell's bass playing, it doesn't become obviously overbearing. The rest of the music is allowed to co-exist and really works well in creating an album that fans of the genre must own.

- - Kinderfeld

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