Fullcycle Presented by Roni Size Through the Eyes
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Roni Size/Reprazent
Bill Laswell

Fullcycle is a series of breakbeat albums created by Roni Size and fellow DJs connected with his collective known as Reprazent, including Krust, Die and Suv. Each of the 2 CD sets is presented by a different member of the Fullcycle gang.

Fullcycle presented by Roni Size is a nice change of pace from his albums with Reprazent. While not totally different, the musical style is more technical. Fewer organic elements are used to create this body of work. Unlike New Forms and In the Mode, Fullcycle has very little in the way of vocals, most being mere sound effects added to the loops. This album is truly intended for the hardcore dance/breakbeat listener.

That's not to say it doesn't have some great music. The first disc is broken up into 13 obvious tracks, all of which have distinct personalities and style. Tracks like Kloaking Device and Cisco have real attitude, while others, like Dark Angel are subdued yet firm. Mine, the only track with actual vocals, is a stark standout track.

With as straightforward a track progression as the first album has, the second one throws all of that in the trash. The second disc is a series of remixes that flow together as one track. While this may sound a bit much, the quality of sounds and variety create an excellent experience.

Casual listeners of Roni Size may find a couple familiar sounds and beats and sometimes, other Reprazent tracks sound familiar in this collection of music. Dedicated listeners to this genre will enjoy this album, despite some of the familiarity.

- - Vane

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