Godflesh Love and Hate in Dub
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Bill Laswell

Godflesh is two men (Green, Broadrick), a drum machine and a whole lot of inventive angst. Hailing from Liverpool, home town of the Beatles and the now-defunct Carcass, these two men suceed in creating some of the most influential industrial music out. They take modern music anthems (dance, techno, rock) and fuse them with a heavy ended base, infectuous drum beats, guitar riffs that dance between screaming static and ear-rending grindcore, and vocals that are often more a part of the background than any other element.

Love and Hate In Dub is a remix album based on Songs of Love and Hate, and for those who have heard the original album, just imagine that album a lot darker and heavier. Imagine Godflesh's heaviest, most-straightforward album remixed in dub. There are parts on the album that are so low-end that you won't actually hear the bass; you'll feel it from the vibrations. If you love Godflesh or dark industrial then purchase this album.

- - Vane

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