Hum You'd Prefer An Astronaut
Grade C
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Sticking true to its name, Hum comes across as a low-tone, fuzzy alternative band. Songs roll through the album one after another like lulling waves lapping against the shore. If there was ever a rock-n-roll type album that would cause a person to "mellow-out", this would be it.

This four-man band from Illinois have brought across a slow paced brand of alternative rock that embraces the fuzzy tone of a Ross Robinson produced album interspersed with moments of musical clarity. (Note: Don't be confused by the commentary. The album is actually produced by Keith Cleversley.) The lead singers lulling, almost-talented vocals seem to mingle with the music, weaving in and out of every song. Tracks like Suicide Machine and Stars both show great promise.

The real unfortunate part of this album is that every song basically has the same musical tone and quality of sound. Unless you dedicate some time to listening, you'll have a hard time discerning where some tracks end and others begin. The whole Fugazi-type sound has been done before, so Hum really doesn't bring anything new to the genre.

- - Vane

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