Kittie Oracle
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I will have to admit that this new release by Kittie is far more impressive to me than their previous effort. Everything is cleaner and more crisp. But, that doesn't mean that the band has lost it's edge. Since parting ways with Fallon Bowman, the band seems to have gotten more intense and severe. I was actually impressed by the brutality of this album.

Unlike their debut album, Spit, which hinged a lot of it's success on one very radio-friendly track, Oracle just throws the listener into the mix. Guitar and bass lines are viscious and the drums are performed fairly well. This is not to say that Kittie are virtuosos of the art, but the music is written and performed to a degree to get their point accross. Kittie is an angry bunch of girls that want to be heard. The first single What I Always Wanted is sure proof of what Kittie wants to show the world.

Vocally, if you don't know what you're getting into with Kittie you might be surprised. The range goes from excellently performed singing to screaming to a bitter growl that would make any death metaler proud. There are times when this vocal formula works well in creating a dissonance, and other times it seems forced and not varied enough, but for the most part, it works for what Kittie is trying to do.

If you're looking for a heavy metal album, you should check this out. Oracle is far more focused on what Kittie should be doing: laying down harsh music that's varied enough to keep from getting complacent. This album won't convert non-metal listeners, but it should please those who are looking for something new to put their hands on. While certain influences (The Melvins, Pantera, Sepultura) creep through, the album is obviously the band's own.

- - Vane

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