Laswell, Bill Oscillations Remixes
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This album is a remix compilation of Bill Laswell's Oscillations cds (volume 1 and 2) which is strong and varied enough to stand well on its own. With artistic renditions of these songs performed by acts such as Ui, Endemic Void, DJ Grazhoppa and Scanner (to name a few), this album is a great addition to Laswell's already deep volume of works.

Unlike Mick Harris and his work with Scorn, this album is more upbeat, with various influences from tribal drums of many different cultures. The collection of sounds is varied from track to track, keeping the album from feeling static and repetative, as some albums in the genre suffer from. Atom Heart's Digital Cut-Up is a stuttering drum-ride layered with haunting background sounds that suddenly unfolds itself into a firm drum & bass beat. Ui's Very Optimistic Dog Mix comes out a slow, deep rolling ride that finds itself to be an impressively heavy yet upbeat track.

The variety and quality of sound in this album really makes it a great listen. If you've ever liked Bill Laswell, whose offbeat jazz-ambient-industrial sound has always managed to catch average listeners unaware, then this album will not fail you. Much like Scorn's Ellipsis, this album is great in that it allows the artists' contemporaries to show their take on already excellent tracks.

- - Vane

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