Mars Volta, The De-Loused In The Comatorium
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TMV is a band formed in the past few years. Their members came from the band At The Drive-in And right before their breakup in 2001, ATDI was on the verge of being a mega hit, rightfully so too. But they then broke up and formed two bands. The two bands that resulted from the breakup were Sparta and The Mars Volta (or how some like to refer to as the non-afros and the afros - look at a picture of TMV and you will catch my drift.) And right now I will tell you that TMV is like neither ATDI nor Sparta. It's in its own league. Expectations were very high and after numerous delays, I can say they have lived up to them. I don't even know the genre to put on De-Loused In The Comatorium. It truly is a revolutionary album, from the amazing vocals to Flea, from Red Hot Chili Pepper's bass. But on the vocals, singer Cedric Bixler has an outstanding voice with tons of heart and emotion put into every song. He will say stuff, that has no apparent meaning, but the passion put in to it and the heart, well it's infectious, simple as that. With that being said, listen to a song a few times and you will have that chorus that meant no sense to you in your head for weeks.

The albums inspiration is very interesting and not surprising once you hear the spaced out music. A close friend of TMV committed suicide. And singer Cedric Bixler tries to imagine the worlds and places his friend visited on an unsuccessful suicide attempt while in a coma. This is a celebration of their friend's life, celebrating the daring life he led, not the way it ended. Maybe since you now know this, you can understand why the album sounds so spaced out. Listening to the album from start to finish it really is a journey. If that was Cedric's mission, then well done, from start to finish it feels like an adventure. After the first time I listened to it, I truly had to sigh; I was amazed at how wonderful this album was.

My favorite song on the album would have to be Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of). Roulette Dares is seven and half minutes of pure bliss. It starts out with a great fast rhythm and Cedric singing some gibberish that you will soon find yourself singing a long to ("Exoskeletal junction at the railroad delayed" anyone?). Again remember the albums influence, don't expect everything to make sense. The songs just have a tremendous rhythm, that will keep you attentive no matter how slow or fast it is. It is on the brink of chaos at any time, yet surprisingly the album flows very well. Like I said the album feels like an adventure with no stopping points.

In all honesty this has to be in the top 3 albums released this year. TMV will not be for everyone. I have had friends into hardcore punk music and big ATDI fans listen to it and hate it, whereas my mom (of all people) wanted to listen to it and enjoyed it. So who knows really? Its not a generic album, you can tell a radio executive had no influence on this album. Any ATDI fan will surely enjoy this, also people into Indie music, but even if you don't fit those descriptions, please give it a listen - if not a few. The album might frighten people a bit, it certainty did to me. I popped this in my player and said, "This is what I have been waiting for?" Yet I gave it another chance and my ears thanked me. The album is near perfect and Mr. Cedric Bixler's voice is perfect. He never screams, yet his range is so incredible. A few words to describe the album: breathtaking, stunning, and revolutionary. Bottom line is you will be amazed if you give this album a chance, I strongly urge you to.

- - missionhockey

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