Meg Lee Chin Piece and Love
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Coming straight from her effort on Pigface's A New High in Low, Meg Lee Chin shows us that her charging track Nutopia from that album was not a fluke. Performing a mixture of drum and bass and techno rock with her saucy/heavenly vocals, she gives us a glimpse of her downtown London lifestyle in Piece and Love.

If you've heard her cover of Ministry's Scarecrow, then you start to have an idea of what she is capable of. Although this album is not as heavy, there are solid moments that switch from noisy to melodic and really capture the chaos that she and Martin Atkins were working for.

After listening to this, one can't wonder if Meg Lee Chin wasn't a Spice Girl at one time. While this may not be the greatest album ever, it's a great start for her and may spearhead a whole movement of strong women in techno-rock.

- - Vane

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