Meshuggah Chaosphere
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Meshuggah is intense and intimidating. That in itself may be an understatement.

Their sound is crisp, well produced and belligerent. But, because of their music, they will never garnish a large, worldwide tour or Top 40 single. These five Swedes churn out some of the most intense, intimately written songs eve seen in the metal world. While more popular bands produce simple, catchy tunes that are bland in tradition, Meshuggah shoves odd time sequences and multiple sound layering at the listener. Songs are blasted out at the listener, occasionally switching to an odd melodic tone, temporarily confusing the occasional listener.

Chaosphere is a testament to sticking with an album. The first listen of this disc is often overpowering and even confusing at points. After a couple listens, the tunes and song progression becomes understandable and with time, anyone can appreciate the complexity in which this collection has been assimilated.

Make no mistake, though, Meshuggah is the highest-octane heavy metal out there. If you don't care for metal, this album will not be to your liking. Also, don't confuse this with current Top 40 acts that say that they're metal, but are actually hard rock.

This is metal.

- - Vane

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