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Holy Wood is the true follow-up album to Antichrist Superstar. Even though Mechanical Animals was an excellent album, ladden with 70s/80s retro-pop, it just didn't seem to fit as a piece of a puzzle right next to Superstar. Holy Wood does, though.

In reading the prior statement, don't think that this album is just a carbon copy. Holy Wood shows great development musically. While maintaining the dark feel of Superstar, Holy Wood doesn't seem to have the dirty oppressiveness. Guitars are crisp, yet distorted, and large hints of the techno pop from Mechanic Animals crop up in almost every track.

The music itself is intelligently written and well produced. Coming in at 19 tracks, this album has a grand variety and music fans can find any number of tracks that they'll like. Ranging from the catchy, Beautiful-Peoplesque Disposable Teens to less mainstream tracks, like Target Audience, Valentine's Day and Cruci-fiction in Space. Boldy disturbing tracks like Count to Six and Die and GodeatGod bookend this finely tuned collection of work.

Fans of music should not let Manson's almost traditionally controversial lyrics dissuade them from getting this album. If you've become innured to his attention-getting comments, you can truly enjoy this album. The music is some of the best Manson and his genre has managed to develop yet.

- - Vane

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