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Moby is probably more well known to the casual listener than most know. Many of his tracks, from underground favorite albums, have found a more popular life in the 30 seconds available in commercials. While his brand of laid-back techno can lends itself to the short attention span of mass market media, the full body of his work is even better.

Play instantly comes across as more relaxed and calmer than some of Moby's musical counterparts (such as Fatboy Slim and Roni Size). Where most techno artists will his you with heavy-end, thumping bass lines and high-speed drum loops, Moby rolls through his tracks with smart vocal tracks and samples and a firm understanding of how music sounds well when composed together right.

Play is easily more accessible to those who usually don't listen to this type of genre. His entwining of various music forms (piano, horns, vocals, etc.) gives a strong variety that makes each track different. Both Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? and Natural Blues show great influence from blues music, while Porcelain uses a great piano track as the backbone of it's flow. Both Body Rock and Machete are strong in their rock influence. This wide range of musical styles an influence helps greatly to break up the flow of the album.

Unlike some techno artists, Moby provides a vocal presence that doesn't interfere with the music, but helps in adding the strength of the material. Play is a good album that the casual listener will enjoy. Even dedicated techno and dance fans should give this a listen to just for the change of pace.

- - Vane

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