Pigface A New High In Low
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Pigface is the unusual musical beast reigned in by percussionist Martin Atkins. A mainly Industrial band, Pigface albums have a penchant for delving into new territories on a whim. Previous albums have managed to take less than serious lyrical anthems and run them over well conceived musical pieces. When you listen to a Pigface album, you'll soon discover it's all about the beat.

Each track has a firm, solid beat with any variety of sound laid over it. With numerous guest vocalists and musicians, each song sounds diffeent from the next. A New High in Low is similar to previous efforts in that Martin Atkins doesn't change the above formula in anyway. It's just that this time, the songs are the strongest written, yet. Nutopia and Kiss King are charging songs with wonderful female vocals. Methylated is Pigface's own take on heavy-ended techno and First Taken Third Found is as haunting as it is intriguing with its repetitve, looping sounds and vocals.

The second disc is an unusual, slow moving soundtrack to an odd British movie we'll probably never see. In itself, the second album is an experience. Most listeners will never actually listen to it on its own, but it is something nice as an addition to the already excellent album. If you are at all interested in trying out Pigface or their style of music, this is the album to start with.

- - Vane

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