Possible Records Sonics Everywhere
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Bill Laswell

For those who don't know, Possible Records is the independent breakbeat/ambient/dub label put together by Scorn's Mick Harris. This two-disc sampler provides tracks for a number of acts, including his own projects, Scorn and Quoit. Also present are Eraldo Bernocchi's Interceptor, Jim Plotkin's Jupiter Crew, PCM, Ambush and SIMM.

While most of the album flows slowly with steady programmed beats and carefully placed electronic bass-lines, there are moments where inventiveness grabs the listener. Ambush's brash To Seek and Quoit's Stir both snap at the listener, while other tracks, like In the Cooler by PCM, speak in a passive voice.

While this genre may not appeal to all listeners, there are a few tracks that warrant notice because of their musical strength. Tracks of note include Scorn's Noticed and Off, Ambush's Detachment and PCM's Year Zero. Fans of Scorn will be pleased at the range of sound from the four tracks available, sonically ranging from Evanescence to Logghi Barogghi to even current works.

Sonics Everywhere may not convert any new listeners, but 2 discs for the price of one, this sampler is a great addition to those who enjoy the genre. Since many of the tracks are previously unreleased, this album should find a special place for people who enjoy this kind of music.

- - Vane

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