Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
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It has been my experience that most soundtracks for movies manage to fall into one of three catagories: 1) symphony pieces, 2) a collection of currently popular rock and pop songs, or 3) the rare album that actually features new music written specifically for the movie. For this album, Jonathon Davis (vocalist for Korn) wrote a number of original tracks for the movie which fall in line with a more progressive, goth-lite musical feel. For the film, he also provided the signing voice of Lestat, but due to contractual problems, he could not perform for the album, so he recruited other vocalists to perform the tracks for him.

While the guest vocalists (including Wayne Static, Marilyn Manson, Chester Bennington and David Draiman) manage to do a good job, the songs don't feel the same as they did in the movie. A few of vocalists seem to try and mimic Davis' style of vocals, while others, like Manson, don't even bother and turn the song into something more their own. Musically, the original tracks are good, but the lack of Davis' vocals seems to take away from what worked during the body of the film.

Along with the original tracks are a group of songs from other bands (Deftones, Static-X, Papa Roach) which have previously shown up on the band's own albums. Each are well written in their own right, but when added to this soundtrack, feel like filler. If you have any of the albums by these bands, their tracks will feel throw-away as you proceed onto the next track.

I will say that this soundtrack worked when it was in the body of the film. It felt appropriate and well planned and the songs by Davis were good in their own right. Even the tracks from other bands seemed to fit, but the soundtrack on it's own seems soulless as the strength of the movie, Davis' vocals in the original tracks have been made legally absent. Unless you've never bought any albums in the rock/goth genre and you loved what you heard in the movie, I'd have to say that you should pass on this.

- - Vane

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