Roni Size/Reprazent New Forms
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New Forms is a masterpiece of trip-hop/drum and bass. Spanning two full (translated: 60 to 70 minutes of music) cds for the price of one, this album is essential for anyone who loves drum and bass or just wants a well-balanced music collection.

The opening track Railing starts with a high-speed rap, but don't be confused by this. New Forms isn't a rap album, it's a multi-genre drum and bass experience which expands the realm of this genre. Each track, though varied in style, is of the same high quality as the next and each and every listener is sure to find one that stands out just for them. Album high-lights include: Brown Paper Bag, Hi-potent, Heroes and Jazz.

If you love drum and bass or just have an open mind to quality music of all types, snag this album. If you aren't big on the genre, at least give it a listen - you might have your ears opened.

- - Vane

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