Scorn Evanescene
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Bill Laswell

For those who don't know: Scorn is the masterpiece/brainchild of ex-Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris. Scorn can be best described as an ominous coalition of reggae-like bass lines, rythymic machine-processed drums, haunting atonal vocals and a symphony of unsual sounds looped to create probably the darkest ambient/industrial/techno music out.

Throughout the development of the band, the albums have progressively grow less and less organic, leaning more towards synthesized sounds. Evanescence is the peak of Scorn's musical empire, balancing the organic bass and vocal portions with the mechanical drums and sythesized symphony of sounds. If you have never heard Scorn before, this is the album to start with. It is the easiest to grow into. If you like Bill Laswell or Godflesh, give Scorn a spin.

- - Vane

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