Scorn Anamesis: Rarities 1994-98
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Bill Laswell
Trace Decay

Anamesis is a collection of tracks, previously unreleased or rare, that spans the length of Scorn's strongest period of musical creation.

Starting with three tracks for their Peel Sessions in 1994, the album gathers tracks from this more organic period all the way through their later stages, where the sounds were mechanical and cold in nature. Although, none of these tracks are the definitive statement of their respective time, they all show a wide variety of sound. Haunting and dark, the album fits well in the collection of any fan of this genre.

With only one live version, two demo tracks and two remixes of songs previously released, this album won't feel like a greatest hits, unworthy of purchase by a solid fan. Almost Human is a great intro to this album, slowly moving into a solid, firm beat, while track 5, Get Up, takes the listener by surprise with its sudden impact of sound.

This album is a great augment to any collection and stands well on its own.

- - Vane

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