Scorn Imaginara Award EP
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After some time spent focusing on his numerous side projects, underground music guru Mick Harris has returned to the source, Scorn. Having switched to Hymen Records, his music sound has progressed, or evolved, even further with this new EP.

Imaginara is a pulsing trip, humming along with slow, thunderous hip-hop beats and noise-flavored bass and synthetics. Hints of Japanese noise music show evident in the almost oppresive sound of the album. While previous albums may have been more subdued and passive, Imaginara hits hard, loud and steady. For anyone who's enjoyed the album Zander, this one runs along the same vein, but much more aggressive.

Tracks of note: Out of the Picture starts the album off right, using a crisp drumbeat and deep, haunting bass to bring it's message across. Worried is as interesting as it is disturbing with the oddly timed drumbeats and layered sounds. Lock has a great rythym and is the one track that shows the most lingering influence from Zander.

This album is a great listen, even though it is an EP. People who are not familiar with Scorn or the genre might be caught off-guard. If you want more information, go to Hymen's website at: With a furture Scorn album on the horizon, consider these five tracks as a sample of things to come. An excellent sample...

- - Vane

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