Thought Industry Mods Carve the Pig...
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Eclectic, spasmodic, moody - all of these terms can be used to describe Thought Industry. With a crisp sound, quality production and high energy, this band is primed to good things. It's obvious that real thought and consideration has gone into every song. Lyrics are odd, confusing, but somewhat middle-income poetry. The songs are warped frustration influenced by everyday life.

Standout tracks include Jane Whitfield is Dead, Smirk the Godblender and Patiently Waiting for Summer, but this album is a testament to letting the listener decide what song is their favorite. Any and all tracks have their own charm.

The only problem is that Thought Industry may be too eclectic. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Faith No More album will find this collection an even greater feast of intensity and mood. Songs shift from moody ballads to screaming punk anthems in a heartbeat. The common, Top 40 listener might have a hard time adjusting to the often twists and turns of Mods Carve the Pig -

- - Vane

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