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Thursday, according to many, was an up and coming emo band after the New Jersey band released their previous CD Full Collapse. And now they release the highly anticipated War All The Time. This to many was supposed to be the highlight CD for the hardcore/emo scene in 2003. They have gained a huge cult following through their previous releases and Thursday after all are looked upon to be one of the most exciting and promising young bands. They have always put so much emotion and passion to the lyrics and their music but they just couldn't capture the perfection, which was Full Collapse.

I have also been anticipating this album for quite some time so sadly this let me down. Especially after hearing the single, Signals Over The Air. Not because it was bad but because it was terrific. I really thought this album, if it sounded like the single, would blow Full Collapse out of the water. The song is melodic, has a great guitar riff and background vocals. But many songs on the album do not meet the level of Signals Over The Air. The CD is not terrible but its downfalls exceed the positives.

Now, there are some great songs, which are what you would expect from Thursday. Clearly, it's their sound from Full Collapse. Take for instance War All The Time. The lyrics are very passionate, the song is melodic and it's in fact a quite powerful song. I, in fact, listened to it a few times straight in a row I enjoyed it that much. But for some reason the album just simply does not flow. I really can't put my finger on it though. It just seems like some songs are out of place. Thursday did add a keyboard to some songs, which is new for them - I actually enjoyed that, to tell you the truth, and felt it suited their style perfectly. But that small fact doesn't make up for the inconsistency of the album. But this complaint I think just has to do with my personal taste.

This album has to include Thursday's darkest lyrics. And even though I enjoy Signals Over The Airwaves the most, For The Workforce Drowning is what really embodies what the CD is all about. It's a very powerful song with dark lyrics. One thing I will give to Thursday is that singer Geoff Rickley is amazing on this album. This has to be his best performance, especially on the song I just mentioned.

Overall, this is a pretty good album. It represents mainstream melodic hardcore pretty well. Most Thursday fans will find enjoyment in this and people new to the genre would also. But like I said my only real complain is the lack of consistency and I would assume that stems from a few bad tracks that just sets off the greatness of the good ones. Maybe I expected too much from their sophomore effort, I will admit that. But Thursday is a powerful and creative band that is worth looking into. This CD will grow on you after awhile so it does have that redeeming quality. The bottom line is if you purchase this you won't be too disappointed and would fine enjoy this, but I still would recommend Full Collapse over it.

- - missionhockey

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