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Videodrone finds themselves in the unfortunate position as being on the same label (created by Korn) as Orgy. With Orgy getting all of the press and promotion, this album has all but gone by the wayside. And, that's a shame.

With the heavy bass sound of Korn (the album IS produced by Fieldy, bass player of Korn), Videodrone mixes in techno-influenced keyboards, samples and drums to create an album that's strong and refreshing. Standout songs include The Devil's Sweepstakes, L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress) and Power Tools for Girls.

While obviously talented, I think the greatest crutch that Videodrone suffers from is their strong tie to Korn and Limp Bizkit. Guest appearances by Johnathon Davis, Brian Welch, Fred Durst and DJ Lethal seem to distract from the rest of the album, which was obviously strong on its own.

When Videodrone finally detaches themselves from their musical forefathers, they'll easily be able to stand on their own.

- - Vane

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