007: Agent Under Fire
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GC, PS2, Xbox
Electronic Arts
EA Games
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ESRB Rating
The Good

• Plays like a Bond Movie
• Decent looking environments

The Bad

• Too short and linear
• Enemy AI is poor
• Level design is weak


Agent Under Fire is much like the 007 series of movies - you are James Bond, secret agent for MI6, on a mission that's broken up into a series of levels, each with their own objectives and missions. While the basic setup is a first person shooter, there are levels where you drive around in vehicles or play the gun man in a vehicle on a car-chase.

Visually, the game looks adequate. For the most part character models look pretty good, but there are a few that look rather blocky. A lot of the NPCs, especially during the vehicle missions, look plain and underdeveloped. The environments are detailed well, especially with some pretty good texture maps. The cut-scenes look pretty good and add a nice garnish to the rest of the game. For the most part, Agent Under Fire looks decent enough. It's not the best-looking FPS out, but it isn't too bad looking.

Both the soundtrack and voice acting for the game are fairly decent. While you can tell EA didn't get the real actors, they did manage to get decent sound-alikes. The script for the story is fair and the lines delivered are on par with most of the recent Bond movies in quality.

The gameplay itself is, well, mediocre. Level design is fairly stale, as most levels are excessively linear. From the point you start a level, you basically only have one option as to where to go. While you have a number owf spy gadgets at your disposal, they really are only in your inventory as plot devices. Most of the time, you're even told when to use them. You aren't given any opportunity to roam freely or explore, using the gadgets in any fashion to find hidden or secret areas.

The level design is only made worse by the fact that the enemies are always in the same place and the AI is pretty poor. Most enemies will stand in one place and let you shoot them down. Combine poor level design with some pretty Neanderthal-like enemy AI and you have a game that becomes way too easy. And considering that there are roughly a dozen missions, you'll be through the game in no time.

There is some multiplayer missions to be done, and if you have a few friends, this will give some added life to the game. There are no bots for the multiplayer, so if you like to mess around in multiplayer on your own, you're tough out of luck. Also, the default control scheme seems fairly counterintuitive: you use the analog stick to go forward, back, turn left or turn right while the C-stick strafes and looks up or down. If you're used to other games, you'll definitely need to change the control scheme in the menu before playing.

Agent Under Fire is okay. If you don't have any other FPS' to play, you may want to rent this. EA should have spent more time trying to make a good FPS instead of trying to make a movie-like game or ride the coattails of GoldenEye.

- - Vane

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