007: Everything or Nothing
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GC, Xbox, PS2
Electronic Arts
EA Games
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ESRB Rating
Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes
The Good

• Presentation
• Graphics
• Sound
• Co-op
• Good mission variety

The Bad

• Slight slowdown
• Auto target isn't always perfect
• No deathmatch


That latest James Bond game Everything or Nothing is being proclaimed as the closest experience to a a Bond movie but is it everything its cracked up to be?

The story for this Bond is about a new type of Nano technology and someone wants to get their hands on it for devious purposes, of course, and that's the basic premise. Through the game you see various new details develop like in any Bond movie/game with some twists of course and the game will definitely have you playing to see what happens next.

The game play is a mix of stealth, action and driving levels. You have your basic action levels where you're running around trying to accomplish mission objectives and then you have vehicle based missions as well. The stealth parts are kind of thrown in with the action levels because there are levels where you can go total stealth but that's left up to you, the player. You'll rappel off buildings, fly a helicopter, have high speed chases, drive a tank and visit many locales while doing so. You could say that there is allot of variety here and it all adds up to one hell of a game experience. One interesting feature is the ability to find Bond moments and these are like times when you have done something James would have done like fire at a explosive barrel and kill someone or finding a shortcut somewhere. Gets you thinking more on how to approach certain situations. There is also medals you can earn for doing things quicker/better/etc. With these you can unlock cheats and production stills so its adds some replayabilty for sure and some of them are tough to unlock.

The graphics in the new Bond game get the job done really well. First off all the actors in the game look just like they do in real life and did a great job at capturing there faces. Second the different environments all look really good. All while keeping a good frame rate up as well although I noticed a tad slow down here and there but nothing to detract from the game. All the environments look really well and detailed and you never get that feeling of been there done that. Every place you go feels new. Good location variety.

The voice work for Everything or Nothing is great. They got all the actors to portray their characters and they all did a wonderful job. This sounds like a authentic Bond movie. The soundtrack kicks in with the different remixes of the classic James Bond music and the sound effects are top notch. Even the opening, which seems pulled right out of a James Bond movie, sounds great and fits right in.

The controls are taught to you in the first two levels and they do a great job at it. Pushing Z close to a wall will make you take cover behind it and when away from a wall Z makes you duck. Holding the L button will let you have a target around a enemy if one is present. What's also cool is with the C Stick after targeting someone you can move a little aiming reticule within the targeted enemy to pinpoint head shots or other body parts. By letting go of L and pressing it again you can target other enemies if they are nearby. You use the R button to fire your weapon and when behind a wall or ducked you'll pop up or out from your cover and fire away and when you release the R button you'll go back to your cover position. It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it you'll be having a fun time with it. Now the A button is used as a action button for switches and activating other things and also to reload your weapon. X and Y are you left and right punches and you can do some nifty hand to hand fighting with certain combos. The cross pad is also utilized for switching gadgets and weapons and also entering a mode called Bond Sense where time slows down where you can shoot barrels and explosive objects. The control varies for the different vehicles you use but there easy to use as well and vary slightly from the regular games controls.

One thing I want to mention is the presentation of this game. It does such a wonderful job of pulling you into the Bond world and you could almost say this game is a movie and at times I had thought to myself that very idea. It keeps you playing and has a good story and variety of missions and the characters all do a good job to pull you into this game. Great Job from the opening of the game till the end. It does not disappoint.

They also have a strictly co-op mission mode where you do different missions and it has its own story and its a fun little addition they added to the game if you have friends to play with (or if playing PS2 version you can go online with it). Although the lack of a real death match kind of hurts a bit but there is always room for improvement next time.

The only bad things I can think of is sometimes the lock on feature doesn't work so well and the lack of a real death match mode. Other than that there is nothing much to complain about.

EA has done a extremely good job of catching the feeling and likeness of starring in your own James Bond game/movie. So if you have ever wanted to be in James Bonds shoes for a couple of days then look no further your time has come.

- - Justin Celani

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