Armored Core 2
Game Info
Playstation 2
From Software
Mech Action
ESRB Rating
The Good

• Excellent graphics
• High detail of ACs
• Lots of options

The Bad

• Poor control scheme - no analog support
• Enemy and mission difficulty may be difficult at times


The true sequel to the great PSone mech game, AC2 allows players to built their own mechs and participate in mercenary missions for the Ravens. With over thirty missions and a full, detailed Arena mode, AC2 manages to encompass everything from the original game and the pseudo-sequels.

Graphics and animation in AC2 are both excellent. Each core part and weapon are detailed and the huge amount of extras make keep most players messing with the menus for hours on end. Casual gamers may find this a bit intimidating, though.

The Good:
AC2 is a feast for all mech fans. Since this is really the only successful mech action series on the Playstation, it's a good thing that it's done so well. The voice-overs are well done and the backgrounds are finely done.

The Bad:
AC2 is basically not developed for the casual gamer. The control scheme is horrible. Why have an analog controller and be forced to use the D-pad to move your mech around. Turning your mech is a chore. Your better off turning your mech as you boost away to keep you from being a sitting duck. Also, some of the missions are sadistically unfair, pitting you against a who squadrons of planes who do nothing but perform bombing runs on you. Maybe if the controls were better, this might not be so bad.

Armored Core 2 is a good game with some problems. Casual gamers will get into this game for about an hour before being overwhelmed by the choices. Experts of the previous games will love it, even with the odd control scheme. Consider this a game you should rent before buying.

- - Kinderfeld

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