Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
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Adventure Company
Revolution Soft.
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ESRB Rating
Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Violence
The Good

• Great cast
• Good voice and sound
• Very funny plot

The Bad

• Loading times..
• Box puzzles
• Occasional controls


Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is the third game in the Broken Sword series but only Broken Sword fans will probably realize as the game doesn't have the strongest of followings but the games are a cult classic for anyone looking for a great point-and-click adventure game. The previous two were released on other systems and PC and they were 2D hand drawn point-and-click games and they always followed the adventures of a man named George and his friend Nico. Did this entry in the series survive the transformation into 3D? Most definitely.

Broken Sword games always have be known to have a a really good story that gets deeper as the game goes on and keeps you guessing and intrigued. This third title is no different. It begins when a ancient code is cracked by a computer geek and someone is murdered for it. Can George and Nico solve the case once again?

This time since the game is no longer a point-and-click by conventional means. You now actually control your character and move them around in 3D and move them and interact them with various objects in the game. The system uses a context sensitive button for the exploring, meaning if you get near a item you can use/examine/move/etc. It will have a little sparkle near it and then your four Xbox buttons will have certain abilities mapped to different buttons. Say for instance you go near a box. One button will have a hand meaning you can grab onto it with that button and push it or the other button will have a small wall with an arrow going over it and pushing that will make you climb up it. It sounds a tad confusing and at first it is but soon afterward it becomes second nature. You will also go back and forth controlling George and Nico in the game and they control smoothly but since the camera angles at times are fixed and don't follow you character that can lead to problems with your character walking one way but then walking another way in the other scene - a minor gripe. Some things they added into this Broken Sword that weren't in others is the ability to shimmy and climb across buildings and ledges, push boxes and jump. While the climbing and jumping is a good addition and even the ability to pull boxes and other items is nice there are far too many box puzzles. Other than those problems, exploring the beautiful world of Broken Sword is easy.

The makers did a good job bringing the game to life in 3D. The graphics, while not mind blowing, are definitely good for a adventure type game. You'll visit many different places around the world and each has its own distinct look. The characters look good and the facial expressions are done well. The game just has a nice look to it. Some places seem to have more detail than others, while some places look great others look all right. The animations of the characters in cinemas look good although some animations come off a little awkward looking at times. It seems they also got the lip synching matched pretty good to the voices as well. Nice touch.

Which brings me to the lovely voice of George (which is played by the original voice actor from the first two). The man playing George does such a good job at being sarcastic and witty. He had me rolling on the floor with some of the things he was saying to different characters in the game. He, along with most of the other voices, do a great job. They really add character to each of the different people in the game. This is also part of the charm of Broken Sword series. They are funny, wait damn funny. If you don't laugh at least once with a Broken Sword game then maybe these just are not your cup of tea. Some characters voices are annoying but I almost think they made them that way so the player hates them. Well the voice acting is really well done and it's safe to say that the music is good as well. Everything in the sound department is right on from the sound effects to the music. The music does a good job. It's more mellow sounding when just exploring and solving clues and when the actions picks up and in the more suspenseful parts the music keys in.

Now there are some bad points to this game. Well not so much a lot but one in particular which is gonna drive some of you folks out there nuts. Loading times... the loading time is really bad for this game. I mean it's really not that long but there are loads so often and sometimes for what seems like no reason. Now it seems really bad at first but by the end of the game I just came to except it and it wasn't so bad but still you all have been warned. Other then that the only other big complaint is the box puzzles. There are so so many box puzzles in this game, it's crazy. They went a little to happy with the 3D, I suppose.

For adventure game fans out there you'll be pretty hard pressed to find a better adventure game on the Xbox let alone any system and for Broken Sword fans this is a must play. This is really a great game and one of the best adventure games. Its humorous, has a good plot, a good mix of different characters and is just a fun game. So sit down, relax and enjoy the game just try not to pull your hair out from the puzzles.

- - Justin Celani

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