Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon
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Universal Interactive
Ronin Entertainment
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ESRB Rating
Suggestive Themes, Violence
The Good

• You get to play as Bruce Lee

The Bad

• Untold amount of glitches
• Camera is horrible
• Combat consists of hitting two buttons over and over again
• Worst script/voice acting ever


Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon is played out like an interactive kung-fu movie, where the player gets to take the role of Bruce Lee. You must rescue your father and recover the mystical relic that has been stolen from the monastery. To do this, you must beat the crap out of wave upon wave of enemies. Along the way, you pick up a variety of coins, which you can use to either initiate your Dragon Bar (super powered attacks and increased endurance) or to buy moves, powerups on gain a new belt.

Graphics: Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon suffers from a severe degree of mediocrity. The levels seem fairly large and they have a good degree of texture mapping, but when you get down to the fine details, the levels are fairly plain and underdeveloped. Outside of Lee himself, the character models are weak. None of them seem to be animated all that well and some of the NPC models look almost nothing like human beings. This is only made worse by the number of glitches present. There are times where the game looks like it's being run through a really bad video connection and some times when Bruce Lee goes up a set of stairs, he can "fall through" them. I could go further, but I think you the idea.

Gameplay: The idea behind the gameplay sounds like a decent brawler - one punch, one kick, one block and one special attack button that can be combined into combo attacks, most of which you have to purchase throughout the game. Unfortunately, there is no ability to jump and once you lock onto an enemy (by attacking them) you have to hit the R trigger to deselect them. There is no scrolling lock-ons (where you can change who you lock onto), so you can expect to get swarmed by large numbers of enemies. This is made worse by the fact that the game tends to not recognize certain moves or attacks. You can throw a flurry of punches, and try to hit the kick button only to have Lee throw another punch. And, there'll be times that the game just doesn't want to let you crouch for low attacks. For the most part, the combos you can buy are a waste, as you'll spend a lot of time just hammering the buttons in hopes of putting your foes down.

Audio: I can't tell whether the voice acting is bad or if it's just that the script is so bad that the voice actors have nothing they can do with their lines. Sound effects are your standard fare, except that Bruce manages to make his traditional barks and screams with each punch or kick thrown. It gets annoying by about ten minutes in. And, the music seems to be, well, misplaced. Techno music seems to have very little place in a game that so tries to mimic a Kung-Fu flick.

The Even Worse: Even with all that's already been said, the game suffers from some basic game flaws. The in game camera is in dire need of an exorcist. During a fight, it will zoom in and out, often making it hard to see any enemies on the periphery. And then there are locations where the camera will actually pan away from where you are in the game. Of course, then there's the severe need to address the framerate. It's not that the game runs at a sluggish rate; it's that it drops on such a disturbingly regular basis. Throw a series of attacks while enemies are showing up and the framrate will stutter severely. And once a fight is over, you actually have to stand around and wait as the game loads the next area that you have accessed.

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon is such a flawed piece of tripe that no one should have to pay for it, be it a purchase, rental or even as part of your rent. This is the kind of game that you would give to your enemies. Steer clear of it, and hope that it doesn't influence the games that are placed next to it on any store shelf.

- - Vane

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