Deus Ex: Invisible War
Game Info
Eidos Interactive
Ion Storm
Official Website
ESRB Rating
Blood, Violence
The Good

• Strong story
• Lots of side missions
• Great physics
• Awesome lighting

The Bad

• Ammo can be sparse
• Framerate can dip


What do you get when you take part roleplaying game and part first person shooter and mix them up. You get Deus Ex: Invisible War of course.

Story: Deus Ex: Invisible War is a first person role playing game and is set in a grim future sometime after the first Deus Ex. The game starts off with the destruction of Chicago (which is quite impressive) and you have no clue who is behind it and then your off to discover and figure out exactly what is going on. The rest of the story unfolds quite nicely and if you like sci-fi stories then your in for a treat.

Gameplay: The gameplay is like a mixture of role playing and first person shooting. There is no leveling up of the sort but you have different biomods that you can use in the game to enhance certain abilities to help you through out your adventure. Also many choices that you make throughout the game can effect certain things later. Choosing which side missions to partake in or even the main missions give you a reason to play through the game again. The whole game is played from a first person perspective and while there is plenty of combat in the game it is by far not just a shooting game. You can hack, pick locks, pick up almost anything in the game. There is also almost always multiple ways of doing a mission. Whether it be sneaky or Rambo style this game has many different ways it can be played, which is a plus. This game has a great physics engine and tons of stuff can be picked up and just tossed around (including bodies) and its tons of fun.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are outstanding. Some of the very best the Xbox has to offer and the lighting is incredibly and really brings to life the game. While the framerate isn't 60 frames, it is mostly 30 with dips here and then, especially at the beginning. After the first area the framerate seems to smooth out for the most part. The people look pretty detailed and everything looks good and does a good job at convincing you that your really there.

Controls: The controls on Deus Ex: Invisible War seem pretty solid. Everything controlled really well whether it was you or some robot you hacked. Feels like a first person shooter when playing so if you've played them then you might have a easier time getting accustomed.

Sound: The sounds effects and music really bring to life this game as well. Also there is tons and tons of spoken speech in this game and the voice acting is really good. Seems companies are learning that it pays to have good voice acting. The score of the game is action packed at times but more melody and creepy at other parts. The sounds of the guns and the robots and people screaming for their life is all done extremely well. Catch someone on fire and listen to them scream in agony. Good stuff.

Overall: I cant judge Deus Ex: Invisible War against the first Deus Ex because I never played it. That said this game is extremely fun and addicting. It has substance and style to boot and a great story. If you wanna play a game that's just action look elsewhere if you wanna play a great Action/Rpg that draws you into its world, pick up Deus Ex: Invisible War - you won't be disappointed.

- - Justin Celani

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