Dino Crisis 3
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Blood and Gore, Violence
The Good

• Graphics
• Sound
• Cutscenes
• Bosses

The Bad

• Camera
• Dino respawning
• Basic story
• Did I mention camera?


Dino Crisis 3 is the next installment in Capcom's dino series. This one takes place in the future in space and really is more like a side story to the whole Dino series. Did this effect the series at all or is it still the series people have grown to love?

Story: The action takes place sometime in the far future, you and your team are sent out to investigate a ship that has been missing for three hundred years. Long story short, your stuck on the ship and have to investigate what happened to the ship and crew.

Gameplay: This is where the series took a dive. This one is straight up action. No puzzles, no finding clues, it is just basically a fetch quest. You go from room to room clearing out dinos that respawn out of nowhere and basically just figure out how to change the ship around to your benefit and to find keys to unlock doors. Who knows what Capcom was thinking when deciding to make the game this way. Now all is not bad - killing the dino's is fun and you can upgrade your equipment storage and buy more supplies with points that you get for destroying the dinos, which was cool. Using your jet pack to move around and glide was pretty fun and the game moves fast. This is a fast action game. Yet, Capcom choose to do something else which greatly effected this game, which is the camera. Instead of us getting a behind-the-shoulder's-view, which would have worked much better, we get Resident Evil style camera angles. Now this works in RE simply because the games are slower paced but we still hear people complain about it. Now they put it in a fast action game. Makes one wonder. Camera angles just never work to your advantage and really ruin the experience. Yes you can work around them, I did, but still it was way too frustrating.

Graphics: Now this is one area were Capcom did very well. Dino Crisis 3 is a very nice looking game. The ships seems to come alive. It has a very reflective metallic look to it and it's an awesome looking effect and some of the designs of the ship later on look great. Dinos look really nice with all their muscle tissue exposed and the bosses are a sight to behold. Also, the cinematics are very nice and some of the best looking scenes. Capcom knows there cinematics.

Control: The control for the game is really easy and comfortable. The manual targeting can be a pain, though, seeing as you have to right click on the right thumbstick and that's fine but the shooting button isn't the right trigger so it causes problems. Other than that, the controls are nice, but once again the constant camera angles switching makes controlling your character a chore. The dreaded camera does affect this especially when making a jump from one platform to another only for the camera to switch and now your pushing the controller in the opposite direction.

Sound: Well another saving grace is the sound. All the effects sound really good. Nice futuristic sound effects typical of sci fi movies but still good. The dinos sound excellent as always and the voice acting is on par. You'll have heard better but its does its job.

Overall: Dino Crisis 3 is a game that had a lot of potential and just didn't live up to it. The camera angles are horrendous. They really prevent the game from being a good title. The simply fetch quests and basic story really don't help much to the overall game but the graphics (especially the cutscenes) are wonderful and the sound is great. Capcom should have worked on this one more. It could have been great but there are too many flaws and it just turns out to be very average. Rent only if your a Dino Crisis fan (I am and I had to force myself to beat it).

- - Justin Celani

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