Devil May Cry 2
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Playstation 2
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ESRB Rating
Blood, Violence
The Good

• Two characters to play as
• Large levels
• Fast and furious action

The Bad

• Short and easier than the original
• Camera isn't the best
• Story is weak


Sequels are always a dicey proposition. Developers have to create a product that captures what made the original so popular while including newer gameplay aspects and an all around bigger and more impressive package to keep from having the sequel from being considered a failure. In Devil May Cry 2, players can take on the role of either Dante or newcomer Lucia as they fight their way through a demon-infested Dumary Island to stop the evil ambitions of Arius.

Gameplay-wise, Devil May Cry 2 picks right up after the original. Dante has a wide variety of moves to execute from the get-go (most of which you had to purchase with red orbs in the previous game). This time around, red orbs are used to level up your weapons and buy items. While Dante and Lucia start off with default weapons, they find additional arms to use throughout the game, including grenades, shotguns and a missile launcher. Both characters have the ability to double-jump, dodge attacks and even run along walls. During the heat of battle, you can even target multiple enemies and shoot at them while jumping over them.

Where players are allowed some customization is in the use of Amulets - up to three different types of amulets can be equiped, which affects their abilities in Devil Trigger Mode. For those unfamiliar with the Devil Trigger, either Dante or Lucia builds up energy as they cause or take damage and can unleash it with the L1 button to transform into a demon temporarily. In this mode, the amulets can change your elemental property, allow you to fly or run fast. These Devil Trigger abilities are both useful in combat and to solve puzzle and platforming elements throughout the game.

I will give credit to the developers for addressing some of the things I wish had been changed in the first game. Rather than going into the menu to switch firearms, players can just hit the L2 button to swap out weapons. During a firefight, the player can also hit the L3 button to switch targets, which becomes a necessity during boss fights. Also, the mission-based structure seems to be more balanced lengthwise.

Graphically, Devil May Cry 2 sports larger environments, packed with all new enemies. For the most part, the character and enemy designs are well done. Monsters like the Goatkind and a few of the bosses really look sharp. You may be impressed with how large some of the locations are, but considering the overall longer missions, I tend to think this is a necessity. While some of the textures seem to get repeated, overall, the game looks really good. My only complaint is how some of the locations seem to lack the same personality that the castle from Devil May Cry had.

Audiowise, the game delivers. Sound effects and music drive home the action well. While exploring, the music is more subdued, but when besieged with enemies, the hard-rock soundtrack kicks in. While the voice acting is done well, it's a lot more subdued, which can be attributed to the weak script.

Unfortunately, Devil May Cry 2 has its faults. During battle, you'll find that the in-game camera isn't positioned in the best of spots a lot of the time. In fact, there are going to be a number of times where you can't see your opponents, especially those that are airborne. Also, those that have played the original will find this one a lot easier, except for the Style points, which seem ridiculously difficult to get a decent score. Throw in a game length that runs around 4-5 hours and most will feel let down.

One thing that has to be said is how this sequel seems to lack the personality of the first game. The story is weak and spends no time developing any kind of relationship for the characters. There's no link between Dante and his opponents, which makes even the most powerful boss feel nameless and just something else to destroy on your way to the end. Dante himself doesn't come across as the smart-mouthed ego-filled action star of before. He's played so reservedly that it drains what personality the game could have had.

Is Devil May Cry 2 better than original? No. It seems to lack the personality that the first had. Is it a good action title? Yes. With multiple difficulty modes, two characters to play as and secret rooms to find, dedicated action buffs should have a good time with this sequel. Even if it isn't better than the original, it is better than most of the rest of the genre.

- - Kinderfeld

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