Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
Game Info
Xbox, PS2, GC
Red Storm Entertainment
Tactical Shooter
Official Website
ESRB Rating
Blood and Gore, Violence
The Good

• A great story worthy of the Tom Clancy name
• Command Map adds in depth strategy never seen before
• Large open maps add to realism

The Bad

• Missions need a bit more variety and/or specialization
• Rare AI glitches


Tom Clancy games generally never fail to please and Ghost Recon is no exception. It takes squad based shooting to a whole other level by adding more strategy, bigger maps, online play, and believe it or not a great story worthy of the Tom Clancy name. All of these traits equate to a fun filled experience well worth the purchase price.

Ghost Recon is a squad based shooter similar to SOCOM or Rainbow Six. You have two teams, Alpha and Bravo, each with 3 members. Before the mission even starts you must think about what team members you want to take with you. Each member specializes in one of four categories: Sniping, Assault, Demolitions, and Support. Reading the mission briefing is important as it will tell you whether you need to bring a certain type of unit into your team. One of the few flaws in this game is in almost every mission you had to bring a combination of all four. I would have greatly preferred more specialized missions where one specialty played a major role (there their just not very many).

What sets Ghost Recon apart from other squad based shooters is its command map. Using the command map you can plot courses for your squads to follow in order to achieve certain objectives separately. Also in the command map you can adjust your units behavior to Hold, Advance, Advance and shoot, Suppress, Recon, and Assault. All of these options add a dimension to squad based shooting never seen before. While other games have tried I feel that until now it has never been executed as well as Ghost Recon. Apart from a few rare AI glitches the system works great. Add in huge maps that make you feel like your fighting a real war and it's loads of fun.

As a matter of fact the maps are usually so wide opened and large that at first a new player may get frustrated at how hard it is to see enemies from afar. Unless your zoomed picking off enemies is nearly impossible, but eventually you'll learn that 80% of the time you will have to depend on your teammates to kill the enemy. This is squad based shooting after all use their help. Running and gunning will just get you killed.

If replay value is a huge factor for you fear not. Online play is here and there is a lot of variety to choose from in both cooperative and competitive play styles. If you have ever played Unreal Tournament then Domination and Hamburger Hill will be no stranger to you. In both of these games your team must hold a certain territory for as long as possible to gain points. You can also play any of the single player maps cooperatively online.

Graphically this game is pretty average. After all the game has been available on the PC for quite some time. If I had to compare it to another game I'd say it looks similar to Morrrowind how the background traces itself out in the background. However this is really a non issue as the gameplay itself more then makes up for it. I'm usually forgiving of graphics as long as its not an eyesore which this game is not.

Overall I think you would be a fool to pass this game up. Unless you hate military shooters or even shooters in general this game is a mandatory addition to any collection especially for Live subscribers.

- - Grand Admiral

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