Pac-Man World 2
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PS2, GC, Xbox
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ESRB Rating
The Good

• Simple, effective graphics
• Easy Control
• Classic sound effects
• Original Pac-Man games included

The Bad

• The music
• The camera
• The varying difficulty level
• Frustrating


Pac-Man is here in his second platform game called Pac-Man World 2. This time the evil ghost are up to no good again and accidentally release a ghost called Spooky by taking the magical fruits off of a tree. He tells the ghost to hide the fruits from Pac-Man and so Pac-Man's adventure begins.

Gameplay: The gameplay in Pac-Man is a typical 3-D platform like Crash Bandicoot as it's linear. You go through the different themed levels and progress using special abilities, whether it's the bounce or ram move. You will use all your typical platform skills and fight bosses at the end of the different themed worlds. The worlds are all the basic types you can find in other platform games: water, fire, ice, forest, and haunted areas. Your typical clichéd themed levels. One very cool feature is that you can actually play a lot of the original old Pac-Man games in the arcade at the beginning - a very nice plus.

Graphics: The graphics are not the most spectacular you will see but fit rather nicely for a platform game and the Pac-Man theme. The different season effects look quite nice and are very bright and cartoony looking, perfect for this type of game.

Control: The controls are very responsive and moving Pac-Man throughout the world is easy. The different moves are all easy to pull off and offer no real difficulty to the controls. Simply, easy, and effective.

Sound: The music in this game is pretty forgettable. Nothing really catchy or worth really paying attention too. Now the sounds effects are a different story. They bring back the classic sounds of Pac-Man chomping away on ghosts and eating dots. Makes for a real nostalgic moment.

The Bad: Well first off the camera could use a little work. No platform game has perfect camera angles but this game has quite a few problems in that department. The game also starts off extremely easy and then near the end gets ridiculously hard and is a pain to even want to play almost to the point of turning the game off.

Overall: Pac-Man World 2 is a decent platformer that goes from extremely easy to insanely hard to the point of severe frustration. It does most things really well but there are too many frustrating parts to make you want to ever play through it again. For a game that just came out of nowhere its pretty decent and worth one playthrough but after that the only thing that you'll put it back in your PS2 for is the original Pac-Man games. So for all you out there craving another platformer after Crash and Jak play Pac-Man World 2. For everyone else, don't even bother.

- - Justin Celani

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