Resident Evil 3
Game Info
Playstation, DC, GC
Action/Survival Horror
ESRB Rating
Violence, Blood and Gore
The Good

• Suspenseful and exciting
• All-around graphics look great
• Mercenaries mini-game is as much fun as the regular game

The Bad

• Story seems less like a sequel, more like an epilogue
• Gameplay hasn't really evolved much


As the third part of the Resident Evil series, this game tells what happened to Jill after both the first and second games. She finds herself in Racoon City, which is wall-to-wall monsters and she must find a way out.

All of the control problems that seemingly plagued the last two RE's have seemingly been cleared up in this visual masterpiece. The game is exciting and often nerve-wracking, especially since the boss of the game, the Nemesis, follows you everywhere. Not only does he follow, but he whoops the crap out of you (more times than you'd like, too). With the addition of analog control, manuevering through the game is much more fluid and with the added dodging ability, escaping from a sure attack has never been easier.

The quality of detail in both the character and backgrounds is improved over RE2, which was already extremely good. Also, the voice acting, though still B-movie is some aspects, is the best in the series to date.

The Mercenaries mini-game is a blast, so much that I wish they had put something similar to it in Dino Crisis. Once you get the option to play the Mercenaries game, you might find yourself hard pressed to decide which game to play when you boot this disc up.

The biggest drawback of this game is the fact that the story really just seems to wrap up a few loose ends. There isn't much to add to the intriguing plot set out by the first two games. With some more plot events, this game would feel more like a new book and not just a chapter.

Even with that said, it's still a fun game that will make any RE fan happy to own it.

- - kinderfeld

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